Spiritual Life

Elyon Christian School is dedicated to educating students in a Christian environment by the righteousness of God’s Word. It is our main purpose to have a solid Biblical foundation in our curriculum as well as our teaching approach. We elaborate Christian characters in our school values to encourage the students to have a loving personality, ability to endure, an advanced mind, and decent behaviors. It is our biggest pride and joy to accompany their spiritual journey of becoming committed followers of Jesus Christ.

At our school, students’ spiritual and character development have always been our focus and priority. We provide an inviting place for children to learn and experience God’s love through our activities and teachings. Each class is specially designed to help students understand God’s wisdom, His words, and His direction for their lives. We use a detailed curriculum written by our school chaplains that start at the beginning of the Bible and work their way through, providing a foundation of knowledge for our kids to serve God throughout their lives. Our teen programs are dynamic and engaging, covering relevant topics with the experience of passionate worship. We dedicated every meeting to guide our students in reaching a deeper relationship with God. This goal is accomplished through these approaches:

Fellowship and Devotion

Every day we begin our class activity with morning devotion in classes together with the homeroom teacher. Once a week we have a fellowship for each unit (Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and High School). We encourage the students to seek the truth of God’s words, memorize the Bible’s verse and pray for each other.

Bible reading and Praying

We encourage the students to have a personal devotion time at home by reading the Bible and praying. Our teacher collaborates with parents to give guidance and support to make sure this activity will be a part of the students’ daily routine.

Student Counseling Pastoral

ECS believes that students have their own struggle that needs a close guidance and pastoral. We give a fair chance to each student for counseling and mentoring program with the school’s Chaplain so they can know their own personality, others, and God.

ECS Sharing Love

The sharing love project is an opportunity for the students to help people in needs through giving food and provision. It is a part of our Christmas tradition where students and parents can send their donation to the school to be distributed to orphanages and eldercare houses. We want our student to understand the beauty of helping each other and sharing God’s blessing to less fortunate families.

Student Seminar

The students’ seminars is another platform to support student’s spirituality growth. We create this opportunity for the student from grade 5-12 to talk about current issues and adolescents problems, such as sex education seminars and gadget usage seminars. We understand that adolescence is a tender age where the student experience a lot of chance both on their body and personality. Our duty is to make sure that they are prepared to face any challenge without deviated from God’s path


ECS students on their final grade (Grade 6, 9, and 12) are required to join the retreat. Through this program, we want to provide an opportunity for the students to devote some special time and getting closer to God. It is a crucial time for them to understand the God’s will and experience a spiritual journey both personally and in a small group.

Sunday school Attendance

ECS encourage the parents to motivate the student to attend the Sunday school in their respective church. It is very important to build this habit from the early age to build an intimate relationship with God.