Elyon Christian School values student interest and potential. We strive to give the students as much as possible opportunities to develop themselves based on their individual talent. Our enrichment program is carefully designed to support their development in order to achieve higher competence on the specific subject. It is a part of our character building program that will allow the students to explore their potential as a blessing from God. We give projects and tasks that holistically supports both academic success and positive personal growth. The activities are engaging, fun, innovative and encouraging for the students to seek the true value of an advance knowledge.

Science enrichment:

Innovation Program

This program is dedicated to developing students’ curiosity in science based on the environmental problem in a real-life situation. Our main purpose is to give the students an opportunity to discuss and analyze the problem at a different level in a group that has similar interest. The teachers act as a facilitator that guides the students conduct a deep research to find the innovative solution to the problem. We collaborated with krya.id on this program; an institution which is concerning to develop young learner’s critical thinking skill; to be aware and able to create solutions that meet our need in solving environmental problems.

English Enrichment

English Club

The English Club is composed of a body that serves as leaders and facilitators of different activities in school. This student organization gives the student the opportunity to improve their English proficiency since the students are encouraged to interact in English when conducting the activities. Furthermore, this activity also allows the students to develop their character and leadership qualities, such as time management skill, problem-solving skill, and communication skill.

Performing Art:

At Elyon Christian School, we are committed to facilitating our students’ interest in arts. The art classes are provided regularly every week, depends on the students’ grade. Not only we give the music theory as a foundation, the students can also practice their skill using a various musical instrument. Furthermore, we introduce the students to Indonesian local wisdom through traditional music instrument lessons such as Kulintang and Angklung.


Singing and dancing take important parts of our Preschool curriculum. In early language development, singing helps to enhance their vocabulary and pronunciation, while dancing helps in sharpening their gross motor skills and body coordination. Starting from Playgroup B, the students are introduced to musical instruments which are handbell, Pianika, and angklung.


In Primary, the students learn about fundamental music theory starting from grade 1. The purpose of this lesson is to give basic knowledge and understanding about melody, rhythm, harmony, and intervals, which are useful for them in order to master a musical instrument. Each class also has a simple musical ensemble where the student can practice their vocal and play instrument according to their preferences (keyboard, violin, pianika, flute, and kolintang). Besides the regular classes, the primary students can also take the music enrichment program after school where they can choose between choir and orchestra.