CONTAINER stands for Clubs for Talent Innovation and Interest. As a prominent Christian holistic school in Surabaya, we believe that it is very important to give students time and opportunity to explore their potential and interest. At SMP Elyon Secondary School and SMA Elyon High School, we integrated clubs activities in their regular schedule. Students can join one of the clubs without interfering with their after school schedule. Each clubs are designed to encourage their health (physical and spiritual), social, and aesthetic development. We also provide teachers and professionals from the respective fields as mentors for each club, with an updated curriculum based on current issues.

Currently, there are 9 clubs offered every Wednesday afternoon. Students can use the 90 minutes allocated time to pursue their interests and having fun. Similar to the extracurricular activity, each clubs consist of students from different grade therefore, they can learn from each other. Of course, in the future, we would like to expand the choice of clubs to accommodate students’ diverse interests. Here is the list of the clubs of CONTAINER for the academic year 2019/2020.

  • English Debate Club
  • Quizzers (brain sport, general knowledge, and trivia club)
  • The Battery (baseball club)
  • Youth Can Do (Science and Innovation club)
  • Basketball club
  • Beauty from the Beast (craft and recycling club)
  • The News (journalism club)
  • Behind the Great Wall (Chinese culture and history club)