Living Value

Living Value

Starting from 2019/2020 academic year, Elyon Christian School introduces living value class for preschool to high school. The living value class is designed to nurture the social and emotional skill of the students according to the rightness of God’s words. In correlation with the school value; Love – Endurance – Advance – Decency, we want our students to accept and appreciate themselves fully as God’s creation and dedicated their skills to show His love to the community and others. Through this class, students are motivated to learn about their personality as well as others’ perspective and world problems. We believe that it is important to create a specific time where the students can explore important values in life and develop competence-based on those values. 

20 values in total will be discussed in living value class and will be implemented gradually each academic year. Students will be given actual cases and problems to solve and decide the best solution. Students also encouraged to express their opinion through artistic creations, class discussion, self-reflection, role-plays, and games. The living value class will be the place where students can learn from each other and help each other. Therefore, they can acknowledge, reflect, and apply those values to answer these following questions:

  1. How I accept and appreciate myself as God’s precious creation?
  2. How I lead myself to be transformed into His likeness and image?
  3. How I dedicate myself to fill the needs of my surrounding in actualizing God’s grace in my life?




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