Primary years is a very critical time where the students are learning more challenging academic advancement. It is where we lay the educational pillars for our students so they can flourish God’s given potential. Through every lesson and learning activity, we emphasize that God’s truth is the only way to reach the highest knowledge. Our primary level is using a curriculum that is thoroughly designed to foster a Biblical framework to develop a good habitual learning behavior, such as discipline, respect, awareness, and independence. It supports the intellectual, aesthetic, physical, cultural and social growth of the student and helps them grow up to be a responsible person that follows the God’s will. At Elyon Christian School Primary we use an integrated curriculum that will fulfill those purpose and nourish a solid learning foundation, which are:

Cambridge Curriculum

Cambridge Curriculum is for all primary 1-6 students in order to achieve equal education and be admitted internationally. The main subjects that we accommodate from Cambridge Curriculum are English, Math, Science, and ICT. Our teachers that are in charge of these subject are certified and highly qualified to provide a well-rounded school experience that center in critical thinking, problem-solving and self-development. At the end of Grade 6, our student will have the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint as an International benchmark for student’s performances.

National Curriculum

The National Curriculum that we used in Elyon Christian School Primary is based on the KTSP 2013 and delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. Our teachers that are in charge of this subject is using an evolving teaching approach that is not only thoroughly elaborate on the fundamental theory, but also the real-life implementation through project and class discussion. During the course of learning, we prepare our students to have a substantial knowledge of our nation for their advanced level of education.  At the end of the grade 6, the students will take Ujian Nasional (UNAS) as a National benchmark for student’s performances.



  • Innovations Program for Grade 5-6 students as a part of science enrichment
  • Students Exchange (Cultural Immersion Program) to Tanjung Katong Primary School for Grade 5-6 students
  • Futsal team selection and training
  • Music Festival and Open Music Competition
  • National and International Competition (Math, English, Science, Music, Futsal, Chest, Badminton)
  • UNAS preparation class for Grade 6 students
  • Retreat



Monday – Thursday
Grade 1-3: 07.45 – 13.25
Grade 4-6: 07.45 – 14.00

Grade 1-3: 07.45 – 13.25
Grade 4-6: 07.45 – 13.25



Cambridge subjects: Mandarin
  • Mathematics
Pendidikan Agama Kristen (PAK)
  • English
Bahasa Indonesia
  • English
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan (PKn)
  • ICT
Physical Education (PE)
  Performing Arts
Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (IPS) – starting from Grade 4
Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (IPA) and Matematika – Grade 6