The preschool program at Elyon Christian School educates our students in a Christian environment using a thematic national curriculum. We combine the thematic curriculum and Biblical characters by understanding their needs and learning styles so that they master academic skills, become lifelong self-directed learners and exemplary examples of Godly Character.

We provide children with the opportunity to learn about God’s love for them through Bible stories, Bible verses, and songs.  We teach basic principles concerning godly character such as loving one another, sharing, kindness, attentiveness etc. in the whole areas of learning. Children are encouraged to know God’s love for them.

Our program gives children ages 1,5 years through 6-years enriching opportunities to develop the whole child.  We focus on learning through both child-directed play experiences and curriculum time. We believe a balance of play and learn in preschool enhances growth and development in all areas: physically, socially, emotionally, creatively, and intellectually.   This is achieved in a safe, secure and loving Christian environment with teachers who are dedicated to enriching children’s lives. Thus, we deliver the specific topics in the class by providing learning corners inside the class.

There 6 developmental areas that we observe:

  1. Moral and religion
  2. Social-emotional
  3. Language
  4. Cognitive
  5. Physical motoric
  6. Art



  •    Beginning of new academic year service which serves as the commitment and dedication of the parents in trusting their child’s education and character building to Elyon Christian School
  •    Reading Proficiency Program from Playgroup B to Kindergarten B.
  •    “Baca Tulis” proficiency program for Kindergarten B students.
  •    Field trip twice a year
  •    Children choir and orchestra
  •    Christmas celebration and performance
  •    Chinese New Year celebration and performance
  •    Passover ceremony
  •    Mother’s Day Celebration
  •    Closing ceremony with the parents (awarding the students’ achievements)
  •    Graduation day



Toddler (1.5-2 years old)

Tuesday and Thursday

Pk. 08.00 – Pk. 10.00


Kindergarten A (4-5 years old)

Monday – Friday

Pk. 08.00 – Pk. 12.00


Playgroup A (2-3 years old)

Morning Class  Pk. 08.00 – Pk. 10.00

Day Class Pk. 10.00 – 12.00


Kindergarten B (5-6 years old)

Monday – Friday

Pk. 08.00 – Pk. 12.00


Playgroup B (3-4 years old)

Monday – Friday

Morning Class 08.00 – 10.00

Day Class 10.00 – 12.00




Playgroup: Moral and Religion, Social-Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Physical Motoric, Art

Kindergarten: Christian value, Phonics, Mandarin, Montessori, Art, Literature, Math, Computer, Dancing, Music, Sport.