High School


The High School program at Elyon Christian School provides a learning experience that is focusing on character growth based on Christian’s value. We act as a partner that will contribute a vital role as a guide, friend and role model in preparing them to glorify God throughout their career choice in the future. Our students are consistently exposed to holistic activities that strongly lean on Biblical integration. Each of our graduates will be ready to strive in the midst of chance and well-prepared to be part of the global community.

In terms of academic perspective, we continue the tradition of our secondary department where Grade 10 students will complete their Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum before sitting for the examination. In Grade 11, our students will be introduced to the pre-university program known as the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) where they will be taught vital soft-skills such as:

  1. Role-plays and oral presentations

The students would enhance their public speaking abilities by learning the proper techniques and etiquettes of a formal presentation. Students would also harness their Powerpoint Slides (PPT) creation skills by learning ways of manipulating graphics through different applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop while being exposed on sites which they could easily download content related images for free. These activities would also help build up students’ confidence

  1. Summaries of text and charts

Students will learn how to extract the main points from an academic text and reforming them using more concise wording. They would also learn how to decrypt graphical charts and to extract vital data and transforming them into sentences.

  1. Usage of academic journals

Students would also learn ways to gather academic journals from reliable sources with the help of Google Scholars. They would also be guided by experienced teachers on how to critically analyst those retrieved texts and to be used in their academic papers. Students would also be facilitated on ways to create references by using up to date program such as Mendeley and to learn why in-text references are important to the creation of academic papers.

  1. Group projects and presentations

Students would also be placed in group projects and presentations to test their ability to work in a group environment. They would learn how to resolve conflicts and to exploit team members’ strength and also their weaknesses by learning proper techniques to maximize efficiency.  

  1. Researched essays and reports

Here, students would also have a head start on their tertiary level by learning the proper process of making research essays and reports. They would be guided by our teachers on the procedures for coming to their proposed thesis statement through proper ways of generating their own sets of research problems.

  1. Examinations

Students would also need to sit for major examinations similar to all other curriculums. This is to train students’ grit and concentration on completing tasks through time constraint.

At Elyon Christian School, students would also be facilitated to develop their fine-arts skills to which they are able to choose between attending theater, vocal or art classes. Due to the growth of startup companies, ECS has also formulated a more practical than theory business modules which enhances the students’ entrepreneurial attributes and also to build up their sense of community contribution through integrated sociopreneur subtopics.



  • Google Classroom
  • National and International Competition Preparation (Academic and Non-Academic)
  • Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Sekolah (LDKS) for students Grade 10 to enhance their leadership skills and social skills.
  • Live In for Grade 11 where the students can interact with local people and learn about daily life.
  • Career Day for Grade 10-12 where the students are able to take interest test and seminars from prominent figures. We also invite Local and International universities and Institute for an exhibition.
  • Elyon Heart to Heart (Community Service program for Grade 10-12)
  • Career and personal counseling with qualified expertise and the school’s chaplain
  • Field trips
  • Retreat
  • UNAS preparation class for Grade 12
  • Graduation ceremony


Monday – Friday
07.45 am – 15.30 pm



Cambridge Subject (Grade 10)

  • English
  • Combined Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Mathematics
  • Coding
  • Global Perspective


Complementary Subjects (Grade 10-12)

Pendidikan Agama Kristen (PAK)
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan (PKN)
Physical Education (PE)
Living Value
Bahasa Indonesia
Performing Arts

GAC Module (Grade 11-12)

  • English Speaking & Listening
  • English Reading & Writing
  • Study Skills for independent Learning
  • Computing 1,2,3
  • Mathematics 1,2,3
  • Business Science and Social Science
  • Communication Skills
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